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18 Social Media CTAs to Increase Engagement

Engagement is a crucial metric in successful social media strategies — but without a strong call to action (CTA), even the most captivating posts can fall flat.  A well-crafted CTA prompts your audience to make a specific move, increasing interaction to help you achieve your marketing goals.But it’s important to ensure your CTAs don’t sound […]

Steal Our Content Calendar: 30 Ideas for March

We know that time is one of the biggest barriers to successful content creation. How’s a business owner supposed to come up with ideas for engaging content when they have a million other important things on their to-do list?  Well, we did the work so you wouldn’t have to!  Whether you want to connect deeper […]

Letter from the Founder: The Biggest Lessons I’ve learned While Running a Business

Entrepreneurship goes beyond marketing knowledge and a killer growth strategy — it’s about wisdom gained through experience, and resilience built through overcoming challenges. As I’ve navigated the complexities of running Lumos Creative, especially as a woman in a competitive industry, I’ve learned a few important lessons that have impacted my growth and success. Just because […]

Pay Your Interns — Why Unpaid Internships are Harmful

Internships are often the first step in a young professional’s career; and as many small businesses, strapped for cash, seek help with entry level tasks, unpaid internships have started to gain popularity.  But there’s a pressing issue behind the ethics and implications of unpaid internships. We’re here to break it down and help you understand […]

3 Steps to Being Fearless on Social Media

You need more than an intentional strategy to be an effective social media marketer. Content that resonates and converts is rooted in confidence and a willingness to be authentically you. With its fast moving trends, the digital world can seem intimidating — but it holds powerful growth potential for those brave enough to show up […]

Language Shifts You Need to Make Today

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” We all know the saying.  Our opinion? Words can hurt ourselves and those around us. They’re the foundation of our thoughts, and these thoughts, in turn, shape our reality. In a world saturated with constant communication, the power of language often gets […]

How to Effectively Onboard a Client

First impressions last, and your client onboarding process sets the tone for your relationships. Onboarding is an indication of your professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to delivering value — but if you’re lost when it comes to the process, you’re not alone. So, how can you create an onboarding experience that’s seamless, efficient, and impactful? We’ve […]

Are Instagram Photos Making a Comeback?

Since Tik Tok’s arrival, Instagram has been pushing short form video content and reels, encouraging trends of quick, witty, and easy to digest content. But the platform recently announced that it would be redirecting its focus on photo content once again. So, why the sudden change? Analysts have suggested the shift is in response to […]

A Hot Take on Chat GPT

The creative world has been captivated by the emergence of AI tools such as Chat GPT. From crafting pitch emails, to generating captions and blog posts, AI has landed in the creative industry with a bang. I recently stumbled across a Facebook post where a woman submitted her selfie to an AI software, receiving 100 […]

How to Find a Social Media Marketer for Your Business

I think we all can agree that social media is now one of the most essential tools for growing a business. Between the rise in digital networking and the effects of a global pandemic – we spend more time online now than ever. Social media is the most direct way to connect with existing and […]