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18 Social Media CTAs to Increase Engagement

Engagement is a crucial metric in successful social media strategies — but without a strong call to action (CTA), even the most captivating posts can fall flat. 

A well-crafted CTA prompts your audience to make a specific move, increasing interaction to help you achieve your marketing goals.But it’s important to ensure your CTAs don’t sound too salesy — if your audience thinks you’re just asking for money, they may ignore future posts they see in their feed. The key is balancing genuine, human language and intentional content, naturally moving your audience towards the desired action that will support your marketing goals. 

Need a few ideas? We’ve got you covered. Here are 18 social media CTAs and tips on how to use them in your content gracefully.

1. “Drop your thoughts in the comments below”

Encourage your audience to express their opinions — this creates a sense of community while encouraging genuine interaction. 

2. “Have you ever…?”

Asking a story-driven question creates a personal connection by prompting users to share their own experiences. 

3. “Tag a friend”

This CTA is great for broadening your reach. Use it when your content is humor-driven, educational, or relevant across industries.

4. “Head to the link in our bio”

Popular on Instagram, this CTA directs followers to your bio for more in-depth content without cluttering your post with URLs.

5. “Join the conversation”

Ideally used when discussing trending topics. This CTA encourages followers to engage in a current conversation, boosting visibility through active participation.

6. “Swipe for more”

Often seen in Instagram Stories and Carousels, this CTA can lead to deeper engagement with your content or direct users to your website.

7. “Save this post”

Encourage users to save your post for later reference (which also signals to social media algorithms that your content is valuable).

8. “Share if you agree”

This encourages sharing and positions you as an industry expert, increasing the likelihood of viral content.

9. “DM us for more info”

Uses a direct but personal touch, inviting users into a private conversation.

10. “What’s your #1?”

Asking for top picks in the comments can increase engagement and provide valuable feedback from your audience.

11. “Follow for more”

Encourage individuals that discover your content to become followers.

12. “Sign up now”

Direct but necessary for things like webinar registrations and newsletter sign ups. Sweeten the deal with a freebie to avoid sounding too salesy.

13. “Discover more”

Intrigue your audience and motivate them to explore further content or products.

14. “Help us reach…”

A community goal, like reaching a certain number of followers or likes, can increase engagement and give followers a common purpose.

15. “Turn on notifications”

Build anticipation for upcoming events or product launches and keep your audience looking forward to more updates.

16. “Caption This”

Engage your audience and create a fun, community-focused experience.

17. “Guess what’s next”

Build anticipation while teasing an upcoming product, event, or announcement. This creates a buzz while encouraging your followers to check back for the big reveal.

18. “Comment [WORD] below”

Use this to encourage your audience to request further information. For example, someone commenting ONLINE-COURSE would prompt you to DM that user details for your next online course. 

Integrating CTAs Effectively

To ensure CTAs resonate and integrate with your content:

  • Context is key. Always align the CTA with the content of the post. It should feel like a natural extension of the conversation.
  • Offer value. Whether it’s educational content, insider tips, or entertainment, your CTA should feel like a natural next step.
  • Test and learn. Regularly experiment with new CTAs and monitor which ones perform best. This will help you better understand your audience and refine your approach.
  • Be conversational. A friendly and inclusive voice usually works best. 
  • Keep it simple. A simple, straightforward CTA often resonates more than a complicated or (seemingly) clever one.

Remember, the key is to encourage engagement and build community, not just broadcast your message. Using CTAs intentionally is key in increasing engagement across platforms without over-promoting and alienating your audience. 

P.S. Looking for further guidance with your social strategy? Snag our Content Creation Guide here, or learn more about our social media and content creation services here

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