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Letter from the Founder: The Biggest Lessons I’ve learned While Running a Business

Entrepreneurship goes beyond marketing knowledge and a killer growth strategy — it’s about wisdom gained through experience, and resilience built through overcoming challenges. As I’ve navigated the complexities of running Lumos Creative, especially as a woman in a competitive industry, I’ve learned a few important lessons that have impacted my growth and success.

Just because a client is ideal on paper doesn’t mean they will be in real life (and that’s okay!)

One of the earliest and most important lessons I learned is that not every client who seems perfect on paper will be the right fit. This incompatibility can stem from:

  • Different communication styles that don’t align.
  • Being at different stages in our business journeys.
  • Opposing workflow methods that create tension.

Realizing that these conflicts aren’t personal, but a sign of incompatibility, has been crucial. It’s taught me the art of better vetting potential clients while understanding early on who will align with my business ethos and workflow.

The more you practice setting boundaries, the easier it will be to enforce them

Setting boundaries isn’t innate — it’s a skill perfected through practice. I’ve learned to establish these boundaries at every opportunity, which, over time, has significantly reduced anxiety and stress. A simple, clear boundary often results in a win-win situation, benefiting both my business and our clients.

A reliable team depends on communication and transparency

Building a team you can rely on heavily depends on how you communicate and how transparent you are with them. I’ve found that:

  • Offering help and support fosters a team spirit.
  • Being direct with expectations sets a clear roadmap.
  • Creating a safe space for open communication, honesty, and transparency cultivates trust and reliability.

This approach has been instrumental in growing a team that’s skilled, dedicated, and aligned with the company’s vision.

Be objective when making decisions, leave your emotions out of it

In business, decision making often boils down to numbers and facts, devoid of personal emotions. This objective stance, especially challenging for someone who naturally leans towards people-pleasing (like myself) is crucial for professional growth. Keeping decisions matter of fact (based on contracts, pricing, or other tangible factors) has helped me separate personal feelings from business decisions. As I’ve navigated my role as a business owner, learning to detach emotions from business decisions wasn’t just about being tough, but about being fair — to myself, my team, and my clients. It involved understanding that business, at its core, is a series of decisions made for the growth and sustainability of the enterprise.

From understanding that the ideal client on paper may not always translate to the perfect partnership in reality, to mastering the art of setting boundaries, each lesson has contributed to my personal and professional growth. The importance of fostering a transparent and communicative team has been essential, as has the need to make objective, emotion-free decisions for the betterment of the business.

As Lumos continues to support businesses in achieving elevated growth, these lessons will continue to guide us. It’s my hope that they can inspire you too, whether you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey, or have a team of your own. The road of business ownership is ever-evolving, filled with continuous learning and adaptation. Embracing these lessons with an open heart and mind is key to thriving in the dynamic world of business.

Here’s to the journey ahead, filled with more lessons, growth, and success.


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