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Are Instagram Photos Making a Comeback?

Since Tik Tok’s arrival, Instagram has been pushing short form video content and reels, encouraging trends of quick, witty, and easy to digest content. But the platform recently announced that it would be redirecting its focus on photo content once again.

So, why the sudden change? Analysts have suggested the shift is in response to the sudden increase in high performing carousel content on competitor platforms like TikTok, and the continued success of Pinterest. These platforms have demonstrated the unwavering power and potential of photo based content in engaging audiences and driving brand awareness.

This announcement serves as a gentle nudge for brands to either continue incorporating photos and carousels into their Instagram content, or to start doing so. But remember that trying to “hack” or “beat” the algorithm shouldn’t be your primary focus — Instagram’s audience continues to appreciate quality photos and imagery.

The takeaway? Even if Instagram’s algorithms fluctuate, there’s always room for well crafted, visually appealing images.

The Lumos Perspective

Photos will always have immense value in digital marketing. They can tell a story, evoke emotion, and deliver a message in a way that’s both engaging and accessible. While Instagram should be a key player in your marketing strategy, don’t focus solely on the platform — consider how you can maximize your resources across multiple channels.

The photos you share on Instagram can also add value to your website, blog, newsletters, and physical marketing materials. This is why we advocate for regular photoshoots with our retainer clients.

When strategizing for Instagram, specifically, it’s important to consider how users discover your brand:

  1. Current followers: You need top-tier imagery that compels these users to pause while scrolling through their feed.
  1. New followers visiting your page: Potential followers may discover your brand via referrals or search. They should be able to understand who you are and what you do within 3-5 seconds of landing on your page. An overemphasis on reels and videos might not provide a comprehensive first impression.
  1. New followers discovering you from their reels feed or search page: Prioritize high quality images that showcase you, your team, and your work. These elements foster a connection and can potentially convert a new follower into a dedicated fan or customer.

Avoid the trap of chasing trends or playing to the whims of Instagram’s ever changing algorithm. Instead, strive for a balanced mix of content across mediums. Remember, there’s always an audience for each type of content, and quality will inevitably find its way to the top. 

Are you ready to embrace the new photo comeback, and amplify the value your brand brings to the table?

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