Lumos Re-Brand

Why We Rebranded

If you’ve been around the Lumos community lately, you’ve probably noticed some significant changes in our branding. Today, we’re diving into the intention behind this decision, and reliving the Lumos story — from humble beginnings, to our bold new identity.

Lumos started as a one woman operation, driven by a passion to serve small, women-owned businesses. Our Founder, Valerie’s “girl boss” mentality was the heartbeat of our organization, pushing us to carve out a niche where we knew we could make a difference.

Over the past four years, our team expanded quickly, allowing us to provide a broader list of services and offerings. Naturally, this growth and the addition of more comprehensive packages led to an increase in our pricing, aligning more closely with the enhanced value we offered.

This transition in our pricing structure required us to rethink our target audience. While we remained committed to our core values, we recognized that in the wake of the pandemic and its impact on small businesses (ourselves included) we had to adapt. We began shifting our focus to cater to more established businesses, allowing us to produce higher quality work.

This shift wasn’t just about our clientele, it was about us. We evolved from a single freelancer to an established agency, a transformation mirrored in our rebrand. Our processes matured alongside us. As we navigated our growth, we defined, tested, and fine tuned our systems, ensuring we could consistently deliver high-quality services.

Internally, we’ve undergone a structural shift. We’ve built a solid operational foundation, with multiple experts collaborating on each client project, streamlining our efforts and increasing our effectiveness. This internal development has informed our rebranding, showcasing the strength and cohesion of our team.

We decided to rebrand because we wanted our image to fully express who we are today — an established, credible, experienced team that offers considerable value to our clients. Our new brand reflects these attributes while embodying a timeless, gender neutral aesthetic. It’s more than a logo or a color scheme, it’s a testament to our journey, our evolution, and our commitment to serving our clients.

Rebranding is more than a shift in external image — it’s a profound statement about who we are and the direction we’re moving. It embodies our growth, our evolution, and the new horizons we’re eager to explore. And while our branding may have changed, our dedication to providing you high quality services and upholding our core values remains as strong as ever.

Thank you to the brands who have trusted us since day one, and thank you to the brands who have been a part of our journey thus far. This growth wouldn’t be possible without you.

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