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Empowerment, Boundaries, and Self Care in Business

In 2018, at 24 years old, I founded Lumos Creative. My mission in launching the agency was personal: I felt that women had unique needs that weren’t being addressed in the marketing industry. 

As female creatives, we bring a different set of skills to the table — we’re strong communicators, we enjoy high involvement, and we have voices that demand to be heard in their own unique way. I knew that most agencies weren’t creating cultures that would allow these women to thrive.

At networking events and conferences I kept hearing women say: “The website was good, but it just wasn’t my voice,” or “The photos looked good, but they didn’t feel like me.” I realized that while these male-run agencies were nailing the technical side, they weren’t capturing the essence of these female creatives. I knew it was time to launch an agency that addressed these needs. We were going to be a crew of creative women, for women, making sure every piece of content we delivered resonated with their spirit and drive. 

While the journey wasn’t easy, it taught me what empowerment, boundaries, and self care really mean. 

Learning how to find my ideal client wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped. I quickly realized that just because someone looks perfect on paper doesn’t mean you’re going to work well together. Different communication styles, being at different stages in our business journeys, or not syncing in our workflows helped me understand that these conflicts weren’t personal — it was simply about finding the right fit. Through trials, errors, and countless growth opportunities, I’ve become more intentional in deciding who Lumos Creative partners with.

Learning how to set boundaries was a process, too. But the more I practiced, the easier it got. I’ve found that in business, and life, there are three types of boundaries we’re challenged by: 

  • Someone intentionally taking advantage of you because you’ve shown them your willingness to do more.
  • Someone inherently taking advantage of you because they don’t understand the time/work/energy that their request requires and you don’t say no.
  • Over extending yourself, offering more than you have in order to please others, gain respect or love, or to prove yourself (the most common of the three).

Challenging old perspectives and thinking patterns helped me learn how to overcome these situations. This looked like: understanding that a client’s lack of preparation was not my emergency, recognizing that small conflicts weren’t as derailing as perceived, and asking the question: Is it actually needed ASAP?

Building a talented and aligned team required a ton of communication and transparency. This was about more than delegating tasks — it was about creating an environment where everyone felt valued and heard. This has still been essential in my process of growing a team that’s dedicated to our vision.

But one of my biggest learning opportunities was understanding how to make decisions without letting my emotions get in the way. This was a tough one — especially for someone who’s naturally inclined to people please. In a society that glorifies hard work, hustle culture, #nodaysoff, long lists, overachieving, I knew I had to take back control and establish a better quality of life for myself. This meant stating my needs without fear of disappointing others. As a founder, I had to take care of myself first.

So, if you’re on the journey of launching your own business, climbing the corporate ladder, or simply find more joy in your work, remember this: boundaries, balance, and a little self care can go a long way. It’s not just about working hard — it’s about working smart, and making sure you prioritize your own needs along the way.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re reminding you to show yourself a little love and gratitude for the passion you pour into your work. And if no one has told you that they’re proud of your strength and bravery today, we are. Consider this your permission slip to navigate your creative career with kindness towards yourself, and intention in everything you do.

Until next time.



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